SiteGround Web Hosting Review

It may not be easy these days to find a truthful and comprehensive SiteGround Web Hosting review these days on the web. In fact, it is just about as difficult to find a great review for any web hosting provider. Users are frequently asked about web hosting. The most common of these questions would ask you to shed light on the particular web hosting services that the writer himself is using.

Before delving into the SiteGround Web Hosting review, we must note that several people are shifting their websites on SiteGround. This is because most of these people are looking for a long term relationship with the service provider and deem SiteGround fit for the purpose.

Though, there are many SiteGround web hosting reviews available on the internet, but it is better to understand that a thorough reviewer would first prepare a comprehensive checklist for this purpose. Besides using this checklist, he will also include may other factors that play a pivotal role in the way a hosting service is gauged by the users.

The best SiteGround web hosting review is not only supposed to count the pros of this product. Rather, it will also allow the user to be informed about all those instances where SiteGround may not be the best option. This is because a user must know all these things since he/she is the one who is going to suffer when the service is not working in the best suitable manner. Let’s start!


The first thing that a SiteGround web hosting review should tackle is its flexibility. For most people it is one of the best-selling points. Managed-WordPress hosting should not be clocked down in such a manner that working with them become a challenge on its own. Adding new features to the business, carrying out modification in the configuration of the server, and many other such things should be very easy. SiteGround offers all these opportunities.


Quality support is something that is at the top of the preference list of a user. A SiteGround web hosting review is supposed to be very tough about this aspect of the service. If the support team is responsive, most of the issues faced by the users will be resolved in less time. SiteGround offers great support to its users.  They have support tickets and live chats for the users and their clients.

Support Tickets

The response time in this aspect also depends on the user, otherwise it would be even faster.  Unlike most web hosting companies, SiteGround focuses on the resolution of the issue rather than their own initial response time. Their support experience is rather amazing.

So a lot of hosting companies are focused on the early response time, which is important, but when issues are being resolved as quickly as they have been with SiteGround, the support experience has honestly been a real treat. Read more about SiteGround’s support.

Speed and performance

SiteGround manages three data centers around the world.  One is in Singapore, another in Chicago, and the third one in the Netherlands. This is not common with most of the web hosting services and allows the customers of the company to reach them from anywhere in the world.

SiteGround performs much better than most of the shared web hosts. This is not limited to their expensive plans. Even all those customers who are paying the minimal 3.95 dollar a month get the best service. For SiteGround each and every customer is important. SiteGround uses boosters for WordPress which enhances its speed many times.


This SiteGround web hosting review would let the users know that their team is very much approachable. The always listen to your questions and try to resolve the issue at hand. They would always be willing to go out of the way to help their customers have a great experience with their service.