iPage Web Hosting Service Review

If you are an entrepreneur, you must have a website for your business because, in modern times, it has become a necessity. There are many web hosting service providers who are offering their services to a list of clientele. iPage web hosting service is one of them. Below, you will find a review of this service so that you can analyze the pros and cons of this company.

iPage web hosting service offers a shared web hosting package which includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, databases, and domains. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is also part of the deal. If you require a powerful base for your business, you may also get a dedicated server from iPage.

Sharing Packages

iPage web hosting does not offer month to month shared packages like many other services. Customers can sign up for one year, two years or three years. The monthly rates work out to be around 1.68 dollars per month. Renewals can be carried out at regular rates which turn out to be 10.99 dollars / month for one year, 9.99 dollars / month for two years, and 8.99 dollars per month for three years. The price becomes more when you opt for a renewal.

VPS Hosting Packages

iPage also offers VPS hosting services to its customers. It starts at 24.99 dollars per month. If you hope to generate a high volume of traffic towards your website, or you need to comply with a specific regulatory requirement stipulating that you refrain from shared servers, you may consider some of the options offered by iPage.

iPage has there Linux – Based configurations for it servers: Basic, Business, and Optimum. The Basic plan starts at 24.99 dollars per month and offers 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB of space for storage, and 1 TB data transfers during the month. Business plans allow you to use 4 GB RAM, 90 GB storage space, and 3 TB data transfer during the month. The Optimum plan provides 8 GB storage and 4 TB monthly data transfer.

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server plans offered by iPage are almost similar to the ones offered by other web hosting services. A customer may configure these servers with 1 TB of storage, 16 GB RAM and 15 TB of data transfer during the month. It must be noted here that iPage only offers Linux-based dedicated servers.

Dedicated WordPress hosting is also offered by iPage. It starts at 3.75 dollars per month for the starter plan and 6.95 dollars per month for an essential plan. The main difference between these two plans is the level of support offered by the hosting services, and the performance of the blog. The customer also gets access to curated themes, plug-ins, and control panel that is customized to suit his / her need.


When a business has a dedicated email address rather than one with Yahoo or Gmail, it makes its clients think that the business is serious as well as perfectly established. Some of the webs hosting services have a restriction on the number of emails that can be created by a client but iPage allows you to create a unlimited number of emails.


iPage offers anti-malware for email. Customers can also define  .htaccess file for the purpose of restricting access to the server.

Money-Back Guarantee

The majority of the Web hosting services would offer 15- to 30-day refund periods but iPage pays its client the remainder of their unused fees in case they opt to cancel the plan.


iPage is a robust and reliable Web hosting service which provides an array of features. Its plans are also simple and reasonable. In short, owing to some of its great features, iPage is definitely worth a look.