Hostgator Vs Godaddy (updated: 03/09/2019)

Both Godaddy and Hostgator are at the top of the game when it comes to web hosting. Both of them enjoy a vast clientele and offer almost similar features. However, the question is which one is better? Below, you will find a comparison of several features offered by HostGator and GoDaddy in order to come to a conclusion which one of the two is the best.

Pricing, Features and Plans:

HostGator and GoDaddy offer different payment plans which are monthly, six-monthly and yearly payments. The most basic entry-level plan offered by HostGator starts at $2.75 per month.  However, with the same plan, GoDaddy starts at $2.99 per month.

Now, we are going to compare their pricing, features and plans in detail.

Features HG Hatchling HG Baby HG Business Go. Economy Go. Delux Go. Ultimate
 Free domain  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Websites  1 Domain  Unlimited  Unlimited  1 Domain  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Disk Space Unmetered   Unmetered Unmetered  100 GB  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered  Unmetered Unmetered  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 FTP Users Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited  50  50  Unlimited
 MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited  10 x 1 GB  25 x 1 GB  Unlimited x 1 GB
 Database backup/restore  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Sub-domains Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  25  Unlimited  Unlimited
cPanel  Latest cPanel  Latest cPanel  Latest cPanel  11.40.1  11.40.1  11.40.1
SSL certificate (restrictions apply)  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  No  Yes
Total email storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  100 MB  500 MB  1 GB
Addon/Parked Domains  No  Unlimited  Unlimited  No  Unlimited Unlimited
Google Adwords & Yahoo/Bing Ads $100 Credit $100 Credit $100 Credit  No  No  No


($6.95/mo when you renew)


($9.95/mo when you renew)


($16.95/mo when you renew)


($7.99/mo when you renew)


($10.99/mo when you renew)


($16.99/mo when you renew)

Result: This renders HostGator as the winner in this aspect because if you see all features side by side, you will observe Hostgator has offered better features; best disk space, databases, unlimited sub-domains, free SSL on almost all plans, as well as free Google Adwords credit of $100 on each plan is plus point.

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 Plans and Payment Acceptance:

Both HostGator and GoDaddy offer monthly, six-monthly, and yearly payment plans. Both of them accept credit cards and payments made through PayPal.

Result:  This is a tie.


Bandwidth refers to the transfer of data when a user is navigating through your website over the internet. If you have good traffic on your website then bandwidth amount is much valuable. If you look at above table, both GoDaddy and HostGator are offering unlimited bandwidth on each hosting plan as well as unrestricted access to the web pages.

Result: This is a tie since both of them are offering similar services.

Disk Space:

Disk space is extremely important because all the pictures, videos, and emails pertaining to your website are stored here. HostGator provides unlimited disk space with all of its plans whereas GoDaddy offers 100 GB of disk space with the entry-level plan, however, it also does provide unlimited disk space with higher plans.

Result: HostGator is the winner in this aspect.

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Each website possesses a unique domain name. Add-ons names mean additional web addresses on the host server with the same package plan. If you want more than 1 domain on the same hosting, you need Ad-ons feature in your plan.  The entry level hosting packages of both HostGator (Hatchling) and GoDaddy(economy) allow just one domain name. There is no add-on feature included in these packages.  So, if you want more than one website on a single hosting, then you need higher plans where both Hostgator and Godaddy allow unlimited add-on domains.

Result: This is a tie because both of them offer single domain name with a basic plan, and unlimited add-ons on higher packages other than basic.

Free Domain:

When you sign up for a yearly plan with either HostGator or GoDaddy, you are provided with a free domain name registration which is valid for one year.  After one year, you have to renew domain name as well at their standard rates.

Result: This is a tie since both the web hosting services are offering free domain with any hosting package plan.

Automatic Backups:

It is very important to keep a regular backup of your files, emails, and database since there is always a risk of server failure of being attacked by a virus. There are some web hosting services like Bluehost that would offer automatic backups without charging extra money. However, both HostGator and GoDaddy are not offering free automated backups, but paid.  They both offer self-managed backups without any charge where yourself have to do it through the control panel. However, when it comes to automated backups, both HostGator and Godday charge their customers.

Result: This is a tie because both are providing Automated Backup services on specific costs.

Customer Support:

An owner of a website would know that customer support is one of the most important aspects of any web hosting service. It is almost imperative that a user will need the support at some point in time from the service provider. Both HostGator and GoDaddy offer great customer support to their customers. The supporting staff is friendly and knowledgeable and takes care of your problem. Moreover, the support staff can reach through phone lines, email and live chat.

Result: This is a tie since the services offered by both of them are offering the best customer support

 Account Setup:

It is very easy to set up an account on both GoDaddy and HostGator. In fact, an account can be set up almost immediately through both these services allowing the customer to start working right away. However, it takes some time for an account with GoDaddy to become fully active.

Result: HostGator is the clear winner here since its account does not take to become fully activated.

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Money Back Guarantee:

Both GoDaddy and HostGator offer a 45-day money back guarantee on all of their plans. However, with GoDaddy, a user is required to request a refund not later than 2 days if he / she wants the price to be refunded. After the lapse of 48 hours, the refund will not be cash. Rather, it will be in the form of credits that can be used in-store.

Result: HostGator is the clear winner in this aspect.

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WordPress Installer:

It is a known fact that WordPress is a very important content management system which accounts for more than 15% of the whole internet. With both HotGator and GoDaddy, installing WordPress is extremely easy. A user can install WordPress even if he / she has no previous technical knowledge.

Result: This is a tie because both of them offer instant WordPress installation.


Both GoDaddy and HostGator offer full-feature webmails to their customers. This means that their clients can access their emails from anywhere in the world with the help of any device that has an internet connection.

Result: This is a tie since both of them are offering webmail services to their clients.


From the above analysis, you must have come to the conclusion that HostGator and GoDaddy are both very useful services. The features offered by both of them are almost similar though HostGator does manage to keep the edge in some of the features.

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