Hostgator Hosting Review                                                                  

Are you embarking on the most important feature of your website? Are you concerned about services of particular hosting packages you find for suitable for your website? What are your options? What is your budget?

The truth is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of hosting of your website if you are working on a strict budget. There are hosting services which provide quality services on a reasonable, easily categorized as cheap, cost.

HostGator is one of such hosting providers, until now, the most reasonable one.

So let us talk about the most important factor in building a website. Guess what is it? It is hosting your website with the proper hosting provider.

Choosing the right hosting service will mean that the optimized earning from your content. But the problem is right hosting service can be costly. So how can you deal with this dilemma? I searched for the solution to this dilemma and found out the hosting program HostGator.

Have you ever heard of it? Nope? Strange! I thought it is quite famous.

So what is so special about this service? To tell you the truth, the price is just one feature that promotes positive reviews about this service. Hosting with HostGator means that in addition to being less expensive, your site becomes more responsive to your viewers and easily manageable. Don’t rely only on my words for it, let me tell you the whole picture.

The service is in the business of hosting for over fifteen concrete years. Brent Oxley is the founder of Hostgator, founded in 2002. Later it was acquired by third party EIG (Endurance International Group).

Doesn’t it sound a long period for a web hosting company? The host HostGator is working head to head with other hosting providers which are almost double in cost than HostGator. Let us have a hosting review on Hostgator to see how this host competes with other web hosts.


Time to Load Webpage

Speed is the most appreciated feature of hosting services. A website can only hold viewers’ attention if it is efficient and prompt in answering viewers’ queries. Let us see how HostGator caters its customers’ needs in attaining rapid response for its viewers.

The websites hosted by Hostgator are tested to have remarkably rapid loading time as compared to other hosts. For example, in comparison to GoDaddy, Hostgator loads the web page 5 times more speedily.

We can add more to this value of HostGator by claiming that response time of sites hosted on HostGator are a lot reliable and remain stable over long periods in comparison to other hosts.

The speed of HostGator is also competent when measured for the results were taken for the first byte loaded on the system of the website viewer.


Good UpTime of About 99.99%

The hosting service of HostGator is much reliable as compared to other services. This service guarantees uptime of 99.9%. Thanks to HostGator, this guarantee has become the industry standard.

Whenever you have a problem with hosting service, you can talk to support team of HostGator. Being a competent website host, HostGator understands the value of its customer and never risk their dissatisfaction. The live chat is open for online support twenty-four hours a day.

User friendly

Are you a professional website builder? Do you hold a degree in web development? No? There is nothing to worry about it. If you are a beginner in the art of web development, still you can develop a competent website, thanks to user-friendly interface of HostGator. The service provided by HostGator is user- friendly. The service uses cPanel which guarantees ease of use. You don’t need to get help from a professional website developer to use it and update your website. Rather all you need is efficiently input your information for the benefit of your viewers, and most important to earn real cash.

As a website builder, you have to choose from easy to install applications for which all you need will be just a few precious moments of your time and some clicks to administer the request.

Technical Support

Like all hosting services HostGator also provides support when you are about to setup your domain and server so you get hold of your website all prepared. For further support, HostGator keeps its communication channels open so the customers can converse about their needs and find answers within their own system.

Do you want to add a theme to your website that matched your area of interest? Hostgator has a solution for this too. As a compatible host to your website, HostGator offers about 45,000 free templates to choose from. You can pick the template which best describes your field of knowledge.

Email Accounts

Communication is the soul of the internet business. As a website builder, you have to work a lot on communicating with your viewers. HostGator gives you unlimited support in your communication with your site viewers. Open unlimited email accounts at your website hosted by HostGator.

Now view your mail from viewers on any device you are working at the moment. You don’t have to wait to get back to work to view your mail. Webmail feature of HostGator will allow you to access your data from any gadget you choose.

Take a step ahead of your competitors. With HostGator allowing you and your viewers to upload and download unlimited files from your website server, you can attain a competitive edge over your peers. Use the FTP settings of HostGator to efficiently and promptly manage your data.

Other Technical Offers

The HostGator provides you unlimited bandwidth. This means that you can transfer unlimited data when your viewers navigate within your website. While you are making a contract with HostGator, you are assured that you get enough storage for all your data on your hosting server. This host provides you unlimited storage for your emails, data, images, and videos. The HostGator offers you more control of your website in the form of .htaccess file. With unlimited databases provided by HostGator, you are able to store your multiple websites related data in your database.