GreenGeeks Hosting Review: Any person or group of persons who start the business want to aware people with some medium, that medium is his/her own website. The particular website related to his business will tell his clients about the details or any new update.

GreenGeeks provides you free space for your website; moreover, it provides quality to the clients.

GreenGeeks have the professional group of workers that will assure you of a best web hosting experience.

Packages Offered by GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks offered many packages to deal with the changing needs of a client. No need to empty your pocket for web hosting, GreeenGeek will provide you very affordable packages.

  • Domain Name Free of Cost
  • Migration from other Website to GreenGeek
  • Customer can host single website with its domain name
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Up to Date Script

Reseller Hosting: We give clients the opportunity to use his/her allocated hard drive space and bandwidth to the host website. Reseller Hosting is a private server and it will able to facilitate you with all the packages and features that you will need to run your own hosting company. It will give you complete control over your plan and you can control countless websites. It will include c-Panel, WHM, and WHMS that a reseller hosting should include.

They provide Reseller hosting with:

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 9% work uptime
  • 150 Apps can be approached

Reseller Hosting will help you to:

  • Create your own hosting company
  • Gain profit by your own plans
  • Guide your customers and earn money

VPS (Virtual Private Sever): It provides you several kinds of web hosting accounts you can select to host your website online. Obtaining your own website and host it allows you to rent a space on a server.

We provide VPS hosting with:

  • A control panel for managing VPS
  • Free migration service
  • You can get Backup

With VPS we will help you to have:

  • Your privacy control, no website on your server able to reach your files
  • You can restart VPS server when you install other applications
  • You have much space on RAM, you can avail it without any interference

Word Press Web Hosting: WordPress is one of the most famous blogging sites. We will provide you some of the effective tools to manage your website and to host it in an efficient way. A complete compatible package is given, so you can host your website.

Tools for WordPress that GreenGeek provides:

  • 1-click installer OF WordPress
  • Your own selection of PHP version
  • WP-CLI provide you to command directl

Great Uptime of GreenGeek:
The most noticing aspect of the web hosting is uptime. If in a short span of time site goes down it will not be considered as an efficient web hosting site GreenGeek is far from these and provide you 99.9% service time.