GoDaddy Hosting Review

The following GoDaddy website builder review will allow all those people who want to create an attractive and highly functional website.


GoDaddy was established by Bob Parsons. He generated several million dollars by selling his software company to ‘Intuit’, and retired. He came out of self-imposed retirement in 1997, and launched Jomax technologies. Jomax technologies later became GoDaddy Group Inc. There were several famous groups in America who invested money in this top venture.

GoDaddy is the largest registrar of domain names in the world which offers many useful tools for website building to all its customers.

GoDaddy manages millions of domain names. It boasts around 4 thousand employees, and 13 million paid customers. The company offers its support 24 hours a day without any interruptions. GoDaddy is famous for its celebrity spokespersons and Super Bowl advertisements. It is also an online small business provider.

The above points have been highlighted in order to allow the reader to understand that he / she is dealing with a company that has a very comprehensive web presence. It enjoys a great reputation among its client base as well as general public.

If you are one of those people who are planning to use GoDaddy website builder for creating their website then you must be sure that you are working with a company that has a reputation for provide cutting edge services to its customers as well as 24/7 online support.

Some of the best features of GoDaddy are as follows:

Disk Space

GoDaddy offers 3 different hosting plans. The Economy Package provides a disk space of 100 GB for a reasonable monthly price. If you think 100 GB is not enough, there are two other packages, Deluxe and Ultimate. Both of them provide unlimited storage. These packages are comparatively expensive yet affordable.


GoDaddy plans are available with unlimited bandwidth. The plans are ‘shared hosting plans.’ Shared hosting allows your website to share the bandwidth with other websites. Every site has unlimited bandwidth. If there are more visitors on any of the sites, that site will start using more bandwidth which will make the other sites suffer. This problem can be dealt with by upgrading to a dedicated server.

Unlimited Websites

There is only one domain name allowed with the economy plan which is ok if you are planning a single website. You may opt for another hosting plan whenever you want. However, if you already have more than one websites, you shouldn’t go for the Economy plan since the Deluxe and Ultimate plans will allow addition of more websites all of which could be controlled from a single panel.

Domain Name Included for Free

GoDaddy offers a great incentive when someone purchases a yearly package. Purchasing an annual package will get you a domain name for free. This allows you to save a lot of money since there is no need to purchase the domain name separately.


The three plans come with their own number of email accounts. Since 100 email accounts may be fine for any user, it may be a good idea to understand the number of email account that you would need in the future, and then purchase the plan accordingly.

Easy Installation

More than 150 applications can be installed with just one click with the help of GoDaddy plans. A professional website can be installed within minutes with which the user can start working within minutes.

Dedicated servers

GoDaddy offers dedicated servers and VPS at highly reasonable and affordable prices so that the user may upgrade the hosting when the website starts growing. Upgrading to a dedicated server is extremely easy with GoDaddy.

Smooth and easy to use interface

GoDaddy has a very useful interface. It is very user friendly and does not overwhelm the user with lots and lots of unwanted options and buttons. The tools available with GoDaddy are very easy to drag and drop. These tools include image inserting, contact forms and slideshows etc. A user has the opportunity to position all of them just about anywhere on their websites. There are simply no restrictions. GoDaddy also makes available at least 300 templates that look highly professional. These templates are already populated with relevant content rendering it easy for the user to replace this content with their own content. It is also very easy to change the layout and design simply by dragging the content and adding new pages.

Availability of 24/7 live support

GoDaddy enjoys a great reputation for offering strong support to its customers. This means that a client may pick up his / her phone anytime of the day and actually receive an answer from the representative of the company. The average waiting time in order to get through is only 5 to 10 minutes. Moreover, there is also an option for live chat. In fact, that is not all. If you are not in a hurry, you may submit an email and receive their reply within the next 10 to 15 hours.  This means that every potential website builder who chooses to work with GoDaddy has three options with which to gain support from the company: he may use the phone line, use the email, or opt for live chat.

Creation of restore functions and backup points

GoDaddy website builder offers an opportunity to create backup of your website at any point in time. The user can also create multiple copies and save several backups and versions of their websites. This is because while working on a website with the help of GoDaddy, a user may realize that he has made a mistake, and would consequently want to move towards a previous point. This is where a previous backup can help the user. In fact, there are no other website builders who are offering this feature to its customers. It can also become helpful when the user has made some unwanted changes accidentally. Anyone who has been working on making websites must be aware how painful it can become when you are unable to revert back to a previous version which was ok in every respect.

Money Back Guarantee

GoDaddy offers a money back guarantee scheme. The cleint can receive a refund within 48 hours if the package was monthly hosting, and within 45 days if the plan was year long.

The perks of using GoDaddy Website Builder

There are numerous advantages of using GoDaddy website builder whether you are a business owner, a musicians, a professional, an owner of a restaurant, or a designer. No matter what kind of business or service provision you are in, GoDaddy will always help you in your endeavors.

As we have already mentioned above, GoDaddy website builder is extremely easy to use since it is very simple. Plus, there is always technical support available from the company. This allows the users of GoDaddy to gain efficient and quick online superiority over their contemporaries.

Each one of us is aware that technology can become a bit troublesome at times which makes it imperative to have a strong and reliable support team always available with you. This team will not only provide you with the required technical help, it will also make your life a lot easier.

There is one catch, however, with using Go Daddy. If you are catering to the needs of clients who might be using their cell phones for visiting the website, you may want to use another website builder which will allow you to create strong interfaces compatible with mobile devices.

Even if you are planning to build an e-commerce store, GoDaddy will also be able to offer help in this regard.

First of all, owing to its drag-and-drop interface, you will be able to insert whatever content you like just about anywhere on the website. GoDaddy even offers an opportunity to overlap content if it is really necessary.

GoDaddy has a WYSIWYG platform which means what-you-see-is-what-you-get. This means that whatever you have inserted into the editor of the website, when the same is published, it will appear exactly as it was.

Another reason is that the tool bars are laid out neatly on the left had side. They can be very easily hidden or maximized as per the requirement of the user. Another great thing about GoDaddy themes is that they are available with content that is pre-populated. The user inly needs to insert his won data and start going.