Dreamhost Hosting Review
Websites have become necessity for conducting business these days. Despite recognizing this, most entrepreneurs do not find it easy to develop one. They would rather use the social media websites in order to communicate with your clients and customers, however, if you are damned serious about your business, you will surely take the time to sign up for a web hosting service.

Dreamhost offers all of those features that you will require while setting up a website for your business. What is more, it does a great job of balancing all the features with just the right price tags. What is even better with Dreamhost is that it is good for newbies as well as experienced website designers.

Dreamhost is at par with all the rest of the webhosting services like HostGator and Bluehost. Some of the features offered by Dreamhost are as follows.

Shared Packages for Webhosting
There are several plans offered by Dreamhost that cater to the need of different businesses with their own unique requirements. Discounts are also available for all those customers who opt for a pricey plan. The more expensive plan you opt for, the more discount you will get. For those people who do not want to make lengthy commitments, month to month options are also available.
The initial hosting package will start with a one month plan. It includes free domain name that the user can keep as long as he is with the Dreamhost. The domain name can also be transferred without any fee. Lots of storage space and unlimited monthly data transfers are also included within the package. The customer can also host a single website with the help of this plan.

There are more expensive packages that would allow you to use a dedicated IP address, site backup as well as a SSL certificate. Anti spam plans are also part of these plans.
In comparison, HostGator offers shared hosting and also offers small business as well as medium sized entities with the option for expansion. Unlimited disk space is also offered along with email addresses and support for domain and third party applications like e-commerce platforms and content, management systems.

Virtual Private Servers
There are some clients who would expect high volumes of traffic towards their websites and would also have very specific requirements that would hinder them from using the servers that are shared. Dreamhost’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are really good options that can be considered here.
Dreamhost offers different tiers of VPS hosting that range in their fee. These would allow ample storage, memory and almost unlimited data transfers on a monthly basis. Dreamhost also offers discounts for long term, contracts just like the rest of the web hosting services.

Dedicated Servers
Dreamhost has several dedicated server configurations as well. The fees for these servers are different and so are the facilities associated with each plan usually, a customer would get storage apace, RAM and tons of data transfer on a monthly basis.

WordPress Web Hosting
If you want to create a WordPress website, Dreamhost would also offer you managed WordPress hosting packages. They offer automatic backing up of the website as well as updated for plug ins. Dreamhost offers several plans in this regard that cater to the needs of bloggers, professionals, businesses and enterprise. All of these plans have different fees.

There is no need to install CMS. Once the client is logged into WordPress, he is able to create pages, posts, galleries and work with it like any other hosted website.
Dreamhost caps the traffic towards your website depending on the number of visitors. There is also an option of setting up a non managed WrodPress website.

Site Creation
Dreamhost provides several tools for creating your own website, managing emails, filtering spam and managing the domain. If you want to build a website, you can use the content management platform of WordPress.

If you have a website of your own, it is obvious that you would also like to manage email accounts. Dreamhost allows you to create dozens of email addresses with its plans. With some other tiers offered by Dreamhost, you can also create unlimited email accounts. In fact, where email management is concerned, Dreamhost is regarded as one of the best options available in the market today.

Setting up mail accounts with Dreamhost is extremely simple and easy. Click on the icon with the word ‘email’ in the control panel. This will an email account for you. Of course email accounts cannot be created in bulk. Rather, they are created one by one.

Dreamhost provides some very slick features for the purpose of security. There are anti spam tools and other protection tools that are simply marvelous. Users are also able to create filters for their email accounts and other users. Directories can be protected with the help of passwords. Blacklists of IP addresses can also be created.

Great uptime
One of the most important factors of web hosting is the uptime. If the site goes down even for a very short time, the customers become unable to reach the site and consequently, access to your products and services.
Dreamhost is astonishingly stable when it comes to uptime.

Customer Service
Dreamhost offers 24/7 support to its customers. This support is offered through telephone, chat service and a ticket based system.

The representatives of Dreamhost are always present to cater to the needs of the customers. In fact, they are very friendly and would listen to your problem and try to deal with it in a very professional manner. They would even offer step by step instructions when they are needed.

Money Back Guarantee
Dreamhost offers all the packages with a money back guarantee of 97 days. The standard practice in the market is 30 days. But here Dreamhost offers more than its competitors with 97 days.

Dreamhost is a reliable and highly stable web host which allows you to set up your website with astonishing ease and speed. The features offered by Dreamhost are at par with all the similar services. Meanwhile the customer service offered by Dreamhost strives to cater to every need of the customer.