Bluehost review

In these modern times, every business needs a website. However, creating and managing a great website is not an easy task. Of course, there is always the option of using the social media websites for communicating with your customers but if you mean business, you will be required to sign up for a web hosting service.

Bluehost is one of those services that offer great features for extremely reasonable prices. Several useful options are also available for experienced website administrators.

Let’s check out some of the best features offered by Bluehost that will prove pivotal for expanding your business online:

Shared Web Hosting Packages

There are no monthly options available with Bluehost. Rather, the user needs to sign up for annual plans. Of course, one may also signup for two or three year plans which are available with discounts. If a user chooses to stay with the hosting service for three years, it will cost just about 3.95 Dollars each month. This is rather a good offer.

The plans offered by Bluehost may seem identical to the ones offered by HostMonster. This is because both Bluehost and HostMonster have the same parent company which is the Endurance International Group.

The starter hosting package offers a free domain name that the user may keep as long as he / she is using Bluehost. Besides, 100 GB storage space and unlimited data transfer facility is also available. This package costs 5.99 Dollars / month with a 1-year contract.

The Plus package offers and additional tool for spasm control, mailboxes and of course, unlimited storage. This costs 9.99 Dollars / month with a 1-year contract.

The Business Pro package is the top of the game which offers a dedicated IP address, site backup, two applications for spasm control and a SSL certificate. All of this can be had for just 19.99 Dollars/ month with a 1-year contract.

Virtual Private Servers

If you expect your business to grow over time, you will sure be expecting more traffic towards your website. In another case, you may have been required by the regulators to not use shared servers owing to the nature of your business. If such is the case, you may find Bluehost’s Virtual Private servers (VPS) as very useful options.

There are 4 tiers of VPS hosting offered by Bluehost which are Linux based. They are available from a range of 29.99 Dollars /month to 119.99 Dollars / month. The difference is in the storage capacity, memory and the volume of data transfers. There are discounts available for long term contracts. There is a downside to this: Bluehost does not offer Virtual Private Severs that are Windows based.

Dedicated Servers

Bluehost offers several configurations for dedicated severs as well. These severs would start at 149 Dollars each month. Moreover, they can also be outfitted with a Linux based operating system as well a hard drive space of around 1 TB, 16 GB RAM and around 15 TB data transfer each month.

WordPress Web Hosting

If you are seeking to develop a website powered by WordPress, you may consider the ‘managed WordPress hosting’ packages available with BlueHost. These packages offer updates for plug-ins as well as automatic site backups. Bluehost offers four such plans: Blogger which is available for 24.99 Dollars/month with a 1-year contract, Professional which is available for 74.99 Dollars / month with a 1-year contract, Business which is available for 119.99 Dollars per month with a 1-year contract, and Enterprise which is available for 169.99 Dollars / month with a 1-year contract.

There is no requirement for the user to install CMS since it is already installed. Once the user logs onto the WordPress, he is able to create pages, galleries and posts.

Bluehost would cap the traffic to the website with the number of visitors. However, you may do away with the caps if you sign up with the Enterprise plan.

Site Creation

Bluehost offers many tools for website development.  It filters spasm, manages your e-mail, collects and analyzes the statistics related to the website, and manages the domains.

If you want to build a website, you may use the WordPress platform for content management. One may also use the Mojo Marketplace for downloading any other content management system or a site builder. It is a separate interface which allows you an opportunity to expand the capabilities of your website.


It is quite obvious that is a person has a website, he will eventually need email accounts as well. Bluehost allows you to create at least a hundred email addresses with the basic plan whereas other plans would allow creation of unlimited addresses.

Setting up an email account with Bluehost is very simple. Simply click on the email accounts icon on the control panel and create one account at a time. You may also set up a password and assign storage space. Alternately, you may leave it unlimited.


Bluehost offers some great features for security that are simply awesome. There are three anti spasm tools. These are Apache Spasm Assassin, Spam Hammer and Spam Experts. A hotlink protection is also offered.  Users can also create filters for email accounts, directories that are protected by passwords. Moreover, there are options for blacklisting IP addresses and managing digital certificates and private keys.

Bluehost’s CloudFare is also an impressive feature which increases the security as well as the performance. If you are worried about services attacks against your website, CloudFare is the answer to your problems.

Customer Service

Bluehost provides 24/7 support to its customers through telephone, web chat and a system based on tickets.  The representatives at Bluehost are quick to response and their replies are usually satisfactory to the customers.

Support through the telephone is even better where the rep would explain the answer briefly and even assist you in step by step procedures.

All Bluehost packages are offered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

In a nutshell, Bluehost is a reliable web host which allows users to setup a website without any difficulties. It is well liked by general users and critics alike.