These days online competition has become fierce than ever and businesses are battling hard to make their name and to entice more clients locally as well as worldwide. In this situation, having a web presence is critical for growth and development. There are many companies offering web hosting at different levels and packages, but stands out prominent among them. We take ambitions seriously and make them happen.

Web Development
Whether there is a start-up business that needs to build a website, we do it masterfully following all latest trends. 123 Reg experts design a perfect website to boost business and grab more buyers. They pay attention to website layout that should be customized according to mobile, tablet and desktop version. It helps visitors get the best view of any device they use. There are lots of professional templates to choose from and all of them can be customized to suit specific needs.

Web Hosting
123 Reg offer reliable and fast web hosting that is secure and performs great. There is cloud hosting as well to access data from anywhere. Page loading is faster than ever. There is a facility of running multiple websites with a single package.

WordPress Hosting
If your website is integrated with WordPress, they can host it too. There is no need for a new set up. The site will be personalized to the domain. There are familiar publishing softwares as well.

Get your favorite domain name today with your own branded email address. They believe domain name must be strong and impressive because it plays a role in online success. Once the website is built, domain becomes part of email address.

SEO and Marketing
123 Reg team works professionally to drive more traffic to the website to grab more customers and manage them. There is SSL certificate that protects customers, boosts search rankings and protect reputation. It also keeps important information secured from hackers and allows clients to complete their transactions confidently. With perfect Search engine optimization (SEO), the ranking of a website is improved in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It, in turn, increases traffic to the website.

Their email marketing with free one-month trial is an amazing offer. Creating impressive emails to stay in touch with customers and for business growth is important. Email marketing is essential to engage with customers and subscribers at a right time and with required message. It’s an effective way to communicate with clients worldwide.

Packages charges only small amount to allow all sizes of business avail their offers. Whether it’s a small company or a huge multinational, we take care of all. For website development, the cost is £4.99 per month exclusive of VAT. Web hosting can be taken at as low as£2.49 per month (excluding VAT). WordPress hosting is also affordable at only £2.99 per month. (excluding VAT). For SSL Certificates, clients have to pay £29.99 per year. SEO charges are £9.99 per month and email marketing is for free for first 30 days.
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